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How to prepare General Studies Indian Economy for competitive exams

List of Important Topics for preparing Indian Economy part of  General Studies

Important Topics - Indian Economy - Competitive exams
1. GDP (Gross Domestic Product) - Factor Cost, Market Price, Market Price, GDP Deflator, Base Year Selection (Current Base Year 2004-05)

2. GNP (Gross National Product) - comparison with GDP

3. National Income, CSO (Central Statistical Organisation) and its role.

4. Inflation, Deflation, Stagflation, skewflation, Phillips Curve, WPI (Wholesale Price Index), 
CPI      (Consumer Price Index)

5. Direct Tax, Indirect Tax, Excise Duty, Subsidies, VAT (Value Added TAX), GST (Goods and Service Tax), Pigovian

6. Repo Rate, Reverse Repo, CRR (Cash Reserve Ratio), SLR (Statutory Liquidity Ratio), RBI monetary policies, RBI's decision and its effects in CRR, RR, SLR etc.

7. Budget Deficits - Fiscal Deficit, Primary Revenue, Effective Revenue

8. Balance of Payment, Balance Sheet, Current Account, Saving Account, Capital Account

9. FDI (Foreign Direct Investment), FII (Foreign Institutional Investor), ECB (External Commercial Borrowing), Investment vs Divestment, Investment Rates, Highest FDI sector

10. Demographic Transition Theory, National Manufacturing Policy, Food Security, PDS (Public Distribution System), Inclusive Growth, Financial Inclusion

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